Meet Milla Bizzotto: The 9 year old acing Navy SEAL obstacle courses

Meet Milla Bizzotto: The 9 year old acing Navy SEAL obstacle courses”

"I want to do it forever". I want to do it forever. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

She adds: "I love what I do". The 24-hour race included a 26-mile run, a 5-mile swim and 25 challenging obstacles. So she wanted to learn to defend herself, and also become a role model for other kids like her.

"It's just something she loves to do, " her father said. "But that doesn't stop me".

Swinging between ropes, rings and monkeys bars - known as the "Platinum Rig" - was the hardest obstacle, she said. I figured she wasn't up to finish, and that was fine, but when I told her there was another lap, she just took off running.

She started a GoFundMe page to raise money toward her entry fees and to buy items (like a tent) that she would need to complete the race. That's what keeps her from not quitting, from not slowing down, from not stopping.

He began his recovery by going on walks on the beach with Milla, then began running every day after dropping her off at school.

Milla Bizzotto isn't your typical 9-year-old girl. The... She trains with her father, Christian Bizzotto, a gym owner who trains people to compete in obstacle course racing for a living. She wakes up early in the morning to do homework and brings assignments with her in the vehicle.

Now, Milla is inspiring her own generation to change their lives by getting off the couch and outside to play. She said that's what inspired her to compete.

"People would call me names and say I wasn't a good player", she told the Herald.

This reminds me: It's literally been a year since I went to the gym.

I want kids to stand up to bullies.

In Christian's words, Milla is proving that "impossible is nothing".

"She literally murdered it", her father said. "She was so fantastic the entire race".

It's a major challenge for the participants, especially Bizzotto who is not only the youngest competitor but also the only one under 18.

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