Axl Rose Demands Google Take Down 'Fat Axl' Picture

Axl Rose Demands Google Take Down 'Fat Axl' Picture”

His requests were made through a British company named Web Sheriff and there are a minimum of 11 of them.

So, let's take a look at these big, bad memes before they disappear (because that's how the internet works, right?).

The meme features shots of Rose juxtaposed with Guns N' Roses lyrics, including one that makes a pun of Sweet Child O' Mine with the tagline: "Sweet Pie O' Mine". AP material published by, is done so with explicit permission.

The request ordered by Axl Rose involves taking down his photos and memes with the grounds of copyright infringement.

The photographer who took the photos of Axl Rose in question has told the press that he does not remember if he signed a release or not.

Winnipeg Free Press photographer Boris Minkevich took the original photos that were subject to the recent copyright notices. "Welcome to the jungle".

There also requests for photos with titles like "axl-rose-balding-01.jpg" and "axl-rose+viejo.jpg" (old in Spanish).

Well, it seems that Rose is more than a little upset about it, as he is waging war against Google and demanding they remove the offending photos from their search engine. Not only did he reconvene with GN'R legends Slash and Duff McKagan, but after AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson ran into serious hearing issues, Rose began touring as AC/DC's new singer. Among them are the Foo Fighters and Beyoncé, more recently. The pictures were taken as a part of a survey project and might have gone unnoticed by Streisand's millions of fans, had she not turned the issue into a sensationalized public trial.

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