Blue Angels pilot who died in crash served in Beaufort

Blue Angels pilot who died in crash served in Beaufort”

He was a decorated pilot, earning the Strike Flight Air Medal and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal during his time in the military. None of the five other Blue Angels jets was involved in the incident.

Both crashes are under investigation.

The clip captured on Thursday afternoon by Facebook user Briann Desiree Mcgriff, who witnessed the tragedy in Tennessee, shows a fireball burst into the sky moments after the plane crashes down. He's being called an American hero for sacrificing his life to perhaps save many others. The show is Saturday and Sunday at the Smyrna Airport.

Footage of the Blue Angels flying near a residential area taken by a Smyrna resident shows the plane crashing into a field and exploding on impact. "Show management has discussed the relative advantages and disadvantages of continuing the show".

Callahan said the decision was made to move forward with the airshow after consulting with the Blue Angels, regulatory officials, performers and support staff. She also added that the show is looking for a replacement for the Blue Angels' scheduled slot.

"We are relieved that the Thunderbird pilot is safe, and our thoughts and our hearts go out to the family, colleagues and friends of the Blue Angel pilot at this very hard time".

Kuss was part of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort before joining the famous aerobatic team. To honor Kuss, the Blue Angels' sixth team member, the attendees observed six minutes of silence.

Anyone watching the Blue Angels from the ground might say the pilots look like thrill-seekers or risk takers.

The pilot performed for the Blue Angels at Rockford Airfest in 2015. "We are forever grateful for his service at home and overseas".

That is why he says it is shocking when a crash like this happens. Power was restored after about an hour.

News 2 learned Hunter Hayes was set to fly with the Blue Angels on Thursday. The Great Tennessee Airshow, which was to feature the Blue Angels, will continue this weekend with a roster of civilian pilots.

It was the second fighter jet crash of the day for the military's elite fighter jet performance teams.

The pilot in the Thunderbirds crash in El Paso County ejected safely and was reported to be okay.

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