BMX legend Dave Mirra had brain disease CTE

BMX legend Dave Mirra had brain disease CTE”

Boxers and football players have always been known to suffer from a concussion-related mood disorder, but only recently, have doctors discovered how big the problem really is and how many more potential sufferers may be out there.

Mirra died on February the 4th, 2016, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 41.

His death has also brought forward an interesting find that has been come to the forefront of other sports, namely the National Football League, and that is chronic traumatic encephalopath, otherwise known as CTE.

University of Toronto neuropathologist Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati concluded that Mirra suffered from CTE before his death at 41 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on February the 4th, the outlet reports.

Mirra's family requested that his brain be examined for signs of CTE, ESPN reported, and doctors in Canada and the US confirmed Dr. Hazrati's diagnosis.

"It's assumed it is related to multiple concussions that happened years before", Hazrati said.

In his BMX career, Mirra endured several concussions, and in addition to a fractured skull sustained at 19 in an auto accident, he briefly tried boxing after he retired from biking.

Lauren Mirra said that, while she knew something was wrong with her husband, he was unaware of CTE "until his last week or two", after friends convinced him to watch the Will Smith film Concussion. She said, "It would be incredible if this is something we can detect in life one day".

CTE is a progressive disease associated with repeated head trauma.



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