Brexit Poll Latest Results: Votes to 'Leave' Outnumber Those to 'Remain'

The results of the current poll suggest 52 percent of people voted to remain while 48 percent voted to leave.

The only MP backing Brexit, John Mann, said: "Fundamentally this vote is about one thing; people wanting more control over their own lives and their own future". "I think in general the banking industry as a whole will be impacted".

The result will come as a total shock for many people as the polls published a day before the vote showed that "Remain" was in the lead. A Remain vote on Thursday would have completed a tricky electoral trifecta.

The UK's European Union referendum is proving close but the Remain campaign appears to be failing to pick up enough support outside London to win.

Yesterday, and late into the night, politicians, pollsters and bookies suffered whiplash as results veered back and forth
between "leave" and "remain" in tight elections across England, Scotland, and Wales in the so-called "Brexit" vote - short for the British exit.

The business and economic arguments strongly favored Remain but a large mass of nationalistic British voters concerned about high immigration, low wages, and public services under pressure delivered victory to Leave. He is not expected to make a formal statement until after the official result is declared.

Lib Dem former Cabinet minister Sir Vince Cable described holding the referendum as a "very bad call" by the Prime Minister, who failed to understand what happens "when you just throw the cards in the air".

The campaign has left Britain riven in two, marked by the brutal murder of pro-Remain British lawmaker Jo Cox, a mother of two who was stabbed, shot and left bleeding to death on the pavement a week ahead of the vote.

Results from the working-class northeastern city of Sunderland, which is home to a Nissan manufacturing plant, voted strongly to Leave by 61% to 39%, sending the pound down five cents in a matter of seconds.

United Kingdom broadcasters forecast that the country had voted to leave the European Union. The town of Swindon in southern England, home to a Honda plant, also voted to Leave by 55% to 45%.

The pound plummeted to a 31 year low as the market responded to the prospect of the United Kingdom splitting from Brussels after 43 years.

Obama has encouraged Britain to remain in the European Union but said the decision was up to voters across the pond.

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