Crocodile kills woman taking late-night swim in Australia

Crocodile kills woman taking late-night swim in Australia”

A KIWI woman tried to wrestle her childhood friend from the grip of a crocodile as she screamed in pain, only to watch the reptile drag her away. He told the media that the beach where the women chose to go night swimming is adjacent to a creek that offers crocodile-spotting tours and said that the women should have known better than to be doing what they were doing.

A 47-year-old woman believed to be from Lithgow is missing in far north Queensland after a crocodile attack in Cape Tribulation.

A rescue helicopter along with a search party resumed their search this morning.

Warren Entsch, federal MP for the electorate where the attack occurred, said it was entirely avoidable.

He added: "You can't legislate against human stupidity, If you go in swimming at 10 o'clock at night, you're going to get consumed".

Prof Webb says the Thornton Beach fatality is a classic case of misadventure. She was "very, very shaken and shocked", Senior Constable Russell Parker said, but appeared to have escaped with only grazes.

Authorities in North Queensland fear that a crocodile attack there off of Thornton Beach has claimed the life of a woman, 46, who had been swimming with a friend in shallow waist deep water.

"Look, obviously there's grave concern for her safety, but we will continue this as a search and rescue mission and we'll continue on that vain", said Acting Inspector Ed Lukin of Queensland State Police.

Ms Waldron's last words before she disappeared were "a croc's got me", Channel Nine reported.

Earlier on Monday, MP Warren Entsch said the attack must not spark a hysterical debate about crocodile management in his electorate.

The pair were swimming at Thornton Beach, in the Daintree Rainforest - 112km north of where Ms Mitchell lived at Trinity Beach in Cairns - about 10pm on Sunday when they felt a nudge.

"People have to have some level of responsibility for their own actions", he said. As the crocodile attack database, CrocBITE, notes, between 2005-2015, there were 15 people killed by crocodile attacks in Australia.

Sunday night's attack is the second attack in two weeks, with Noel Ramage, 72, drowning on May 17 after a crocodile reportedly overturned the boat he and his mate were in while crabbing near Gunn Point, about 40km northeast of Darwin.

Their numbers have increased since they were given protected status in 1971, with Northern Territory's crocodile population believed to exceed 100,000.

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