Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastards

But then Sansa pops up to remind him that he doesn't know Ramsay Bolton at all.

With the finale titled Winds Of Winter and general theory suggesting that White Walkers will soon be upon them, surely Snow will be the man to finally face them down?

The Umbers were the ones who brought Rickon to Ramsay as a "gift" in the earlier episodes and have seemingly betrayed the Starks, but it is possible that they are still loyal to the great house and have a hidden motive for surrendering Rickon. Ramsay is a rapist who likes to feed people to dogs, so a swift death for Rickon would be merciful.

"Battles have been won against greater odds".

Jon tells the Red Priestess that if he dies again, don't bring him back - but that's not a worry.

While the network is yet to release the official synopsis for episode 9, the trailer for "Battle of the Bastards" gives away some major spoilers. He's a Stark-Targaryen bastard, not a straight-up Snow. The website suggests Davos Seaworth's time might be over. She wants to go find out. Will he kill her?

Since there are so many players on the field for this battle, we're expecting casualties on both sides, certainly minor and possibly major. Maybe she'll get back in time to take Ramsay Bolton's face off during the big battle next week. Ramsay is rumored to send the kid running while he shoots arrows and impales the littlest Stark.

Unfortunately, Ramsay has a larger army that's better organized than Jon's assemblage of Wildlings and small Northern houses. And if it is to be believed, she wrote the letter to Lord Baelish seeking the help of the Knights of the Vale. However, it is very much possible because he's a captive of a homicidal maniac, who could slit his throat at anytime or lock him in the kennels to be dog chow. Meanwhile, the promo video teases Ser Davos standing near what looks like a pyre. However, others say that since Ramsay has Moat Cailin on his side, he'll be harder to defeat. It's a toss up who kills Ramsay since he's universally feared and hated.

Spoilers also hint that the war will end with Jon being declared de facto King of the North. Sansa is the only legitimate Stark, but the North is exhausted of all this BS and hates the King in Westeros, so the houses could declare Jon and be done. In the grand tradition of episodes like "Blackwater" and "The Watchers on the Wall", "Battle of the Bastards" will focus either exclusively or nearly exclusively on the battle for Winterfell.

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