IPhone 7 rumors: Deep Blue color variant tipped to replace Space Grey

IPhone 7 rumors: Deep Blue color variant tipped to replace Space Grey”

A highly questionable rumor from East Asia on Thursday claims Apple will replace the venerable Space Gray colorway with a new "Deep Blue" shade when it launches the next-generation iPhone this fall. 

In fact, the latest talk involves the leak of case designs for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The rumor mill has strongly suggested that Apple may ditch one of its colors this year in favor of a new Blue hue, and we now have an idea of what a Blue iPhone 7 could look like. While the reason for the change is still unclear, it probably won't be as dramatic as you think.

Space Grey was first introduced by Apple during the release of the then new iPhone 5s, back in 2013.

The company could thus offer wireless headphones with the iPhone 7 or a Lightning connector while others indicate that an adapter could also be sold separately in order to allow users to connect their standard 3.5mm audio headphones.

"So there really isn't much of a downside to removing the headphone jack if all you want to do is talk on the phone and listen to music".

The professor estimates the final price of an iPhone 6s would rise by about five percent, from $749 today to between $779 and $789.

Along with the renders, Hajek has come up with a different name for the iPhone 7 model. Some experts are of the opinion that the iPhone 7 Pro might come with the support for the Apple Pencil.

As far as the iPhone 7 Plus is concerned, you can expect a 16MP rear camera.

The speculations and rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 make it look like that people should just suck it up and skip the next iPhone release because of the ridiculously good specs. That means asking the price for the next Apple smartphone should start at around £500-550, while the Plus variety should cost between £600 and £650. Instead of calling it iPhone 7, he has been calling the device- iPhone 7 Pro.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus battery: 3,000mAh and 4,000mAh respectively As per rumors, Apple will most likely incorporate fast charging functionality into both the devices.



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