IPhone 7 to get wireless charging, USB Type-C

In addition, it is said that Apple is also expected to discontinue the 16GB option for its upcoming iPhones.

The Smart Connector has already been used in iPad Pro. Kevin Wang of IHS Securities, who has been a reliable source for Apple news in the past has now revealed that Apple's next iPhone will feature a "Dual Screen Display", which will look similar to the display found on the Galaxy S7 Edge. The iPhone 7 leaked photos confirmed that the phone's Plus version will have a port at the back for users to connect a Smart Connector.

One of the big debates about this forthcoming phablet is whether or not Apple will ensure that the iPhone 7 Plus benefits from significantly improved battery life in comparison to previous releases in the series.

The prediction comes from IHS Technology analyst, and accordingly, the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature 32GB in its base model, which will be arriving with a price tag of $199.

This will mean that the iPhone 7 Plus is the most advanced photographic device that Apple has ever released, and a major step forward for the Californian corporation. Meanwhile, although Apple has not yet provided details on the next launch, it is expected that the iPhone 7 will be unveiled later in the year, as Apple has traditionally released a new flagship by September or October.

Apple has steadily been increasing the maximum amount of storage that is available in its devices with the release of the 256GB device earlier this year.

In lieu of a wired earphone, GamenGuide reported that Apple iPhone 7 users can now enjoy watching movie, listen to music or play whatever media they want to check out via Bluetooth headsets. Now, new leaked photos surfacing online are suggesting that Apple's iPhone 7 will using a Smart Connector for its cases. More recently, case-maker Otterbox unveiled a system composed of a modular case and various accessories designed for use with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Will it support higher resolutions or introduce new features - it is up for us to see. However, it can't be denied that some Apple fans are just excited about what the new iPhone 7 can bring to the table. Now, they are possibly giving up on another conventional; the 16GB iPhone model.

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