Jude Law rejected Superman role due to costume

Jude Law rejected Superman role due to costume”

Brandon Routh went on to win the coveted role in the franchise reboot.

There's a famous story about Warren Beatty turning down the role of Superman (which ultimately went to newcomer Christopher Reeve) after taking the suit home for the weekend and deciding he looked ridiculous. At the time Jude Law was considered to take the role Clark Kent, but turned it down. "I'm Superman, right", he continues.

Many actors would jump at the chance to join the DC Universe, but years ago, Jude Law rebuffed director Bryan Singer's attempts to get him to star in 2006's Superman Returns. After the ongoing saga of the project known as Superman Lives with names like Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, and Nicolas Cage attached, Warner Bros made a decision to go in another direction, and other actors were approached, including Jude Law.

Some actors reportedly turn down roles in superhero movies for fear of being pigeonholed. So, you remember they were rebooting, they rebooted "Superman", not this last time with Henry Cavill. "I'm Superman, right", he said. "And this director was very keen to meet and impress it upon me".

When Colbert asked whether Law documented the experience with a selfie, the actor said the memory was all he needed. "And the music kind of comes in", Law said.

If you think there's a fuck load of Superman movies out there, the number of unmade Superman movies out there potentially is probably like double that. "But I was Superman for two minutes, that was enough".

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