Michelle & Jim Bob Not Aware Of Jeremy Vuolo's 'Dark' Past?

Michelle & Jim Bob Not Aware Of Jeremy Vuolo's 'Dark' Past?”

Just when the Duggars were beginning to forget about how very bad 2015 as to them (thanks mostly to Josh Duggar and his multiple sex scandals), there's a new report that says Jinger's new man isn't as squeaky clean as you'd think he would be.

The photo op was said to be linked to Jinger's courtship, which is said to be the focus of the second season of "Jill and Jessa: Counting On", which is the Duggars' spin-off show after TLC cancelled their first reality series.

They are referring to the video of Jinger discussing her brother Josh's sex scandals.

In the video that impressed Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar reveals that she was just six years old when she decided that she was a sinner.

"Please continue to pray for me, Josh and our children", she said. "I've sinned against God, and I cannot save myself from my sins".

"This girl is wonderful, '" Jeremy writes.

"As I think back on my life, I remember vividly several crisis moments where I realized in a greater way than ever before the sin that was in my heart", Jeremy says. “Another came when I was 16, and another when I was midway through college”. He also hints that he was a bit promiscuous when he talks about falling into the "pits of lust, selfishness, and pride".

Duggar, 22 and Vuolo, 28 have been friends for some time.



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