Muhammad Ali's Heart Kept Beating After His Body Shut Down, Daughter Says

Muhammad Ali's Heart Kept Beating After His Body Shut Down, Daughter Says”

Muhammad Ali died from septic shock caused by "unspecified natural causes", according to his family.

Family and close friends will bid farewell to the legend in a private ceremony on Thursday in Louisville, said family spokesman Bob Gunnel on Saturday.

On Sunday, family members were expected to accompany his body from Arizona, where he died, to his home state in the southern United States.

While many remember his stance on the draft and the Nation of Islam, Ali also endorsed Ronald Reagan for president 1984 and helped Utah Republican Sen. He made decisions and he lived with the consequences of them and he never stopped being an American even when he became citizen of the world and he inspired people all over the world, " former US President Bill Clinton said.

Muhammad Ali's family are "coping" following his death. And the world is better for it.

"All of Bermuda should pause for a moment to be thankful for the life of Muhammad Ali, perhaps the greatest fighter and personality of our time. But we are happy daddy is free now", one of Ali's nine children, daughter Hana, wrote on Twitter. "For 30 minutes...his heart just keep beating". A true testament to the strength of his Spirit and Will!

The "21 Jump Street" actress spoke of how Ali's battle with Parkinson's disease gave her own father, late actor Matt Robinson, "hope" when he was also diagnosed with the condition. He was reportedly last seen at a Parkinson's fundraiser April 9 in Phoenix. And when the 35-1 Liston quit on his stool after the sixth round, Clay declared, "I shook up the world!"

Meanwhile in Louisville, flags were flown half-mast on all public buildings as people mourned Ali's death.

"I can do things that my mind tells me no you can't do that but if I listen to my heart, yes I can", said Martin.

"As a youngster who played lots of sports, I followed "The Greatest" in the ring and noticed how much he said success depended on hard work and preparation".

Fans gathered on Saturday at his modest childhood home on Grand Avenue, which has been converted to a museum, and at the Muhammad Ali Center, a cultural and educational venue, to pay their respects.

Ali, at the age of 18 and still known by his birth name of Cassius Clay, exploded into worldwide fame when, as a virtual unknown, he dominated the light-heavyweight boxing competition at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy, easily defeating Poland's Zbigniew "Ziggy" Pietrzykowski on September 5 of that year, to win the gold medal.

Ali's three-year exile from the ring ended in 1970 and, although he lost a world title bout to Joe Frazier in "The Fight of the Century", he avenged that loss in 1974 before going on to record a stunning upset of George Foreman in "The Rumble in the Jungle" to recapture the WBC and WBA belts.

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