PD: Man arrested near California gay pride parade had guns, explosives

PD: Man arrested near California gay pride parade had guns, explosives”

Police have arrested a man with explosives and guns who was headed to Sunday's Gay Pride parade in Los Angeles.

The bomb squad was called to ensure the vehicle and surrounding area were safe, Rodriguez said.

Garcetti said the pride event would continue in memory of the victims in Orlando.

With the United States in shock and mourning over the carnage in Orlando, Florida, LA's mayor, Eric Garcetti, struck a defiant tone as marchers gathered for the parade.

"We are here to march, to celebrate, and to mourn", he told the crowd.

“We will not go away. We are protected. Our law enforcement officials are here”.

Authorities would answer no further questions about the man or his motives.

Howell agreed to a plea deal, and the firearm charge was dropped; he also pleaded guilty to intimidation.

Officials said there did not appear to be a link between Howell, who is believed to be from the small town of New Albany, and Omar Mateen, an ISIS-linked madman who opened fire in a gay bar in Orlando, Fla., about three hours earlier Sunday, killing at least 50.

A friend of Howell's, Joseph Greeson, told the Times Howell "didn't harbor any ill will toward gays and lesbians", is IN fact bisexual, and had been missing from his IN home for days.

The postings are unremarkable. There's no enmity toward gays or notable political activism. One post did reveal that he signed a petition to legalize marijuana.

The page's most recent public post, from June the 3d, shows a photo comparing Adolf Hitler to Hillary Clinton.

Seabrooks said there was no known connection between Howell and the carnage in Orlando, Florida - the worst mass shooting in USA history.

"It was a misstatement,", Lt. Saul Rodriguez told the Los Angeles Times.

Authorities reportedly considered canceling the parade, an annual event since 1970, but went ahead with increased security.

Referring to the nightclub attack, the organizers of the Pride event said in a statement that "we are heartbroken that so many of our brothers, sisters and allies were lost in this tragic attack".

"Out of an abundance of caution, we have enhanced our security presence for the event and have tactical units at the ready to prevent and respond to any circumstances", said the statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. 'We will be loud.

"They fear that it's maybe a little bit too risky to come", said Lamar, 33, speaking by phone from a house party in the area.



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