Shark Bites 18 Year Old at Atlantic Beach Over the Weekend

Shark Bites 18 Year Old at Atlantic Beach Over the Weekend”

"For me personally the chances of getting attacked by a shark are the same as getting struck by lightning so I don't really think about it", Ricky Butler said, adding that beachgoers should realize that sharks do live in the water and there is always a possibility of getting bit.

The 18 year old was taken to Carteret Healthcare for treatment.

The 18-year-old unidentified male was on vacation and swimming just west of the Atlantic Beach circle when he was bitten on the hand, reports WITN.

Bowen says he was standing waist-deep in the ocean with his younger brother and a friend when they saw a shark.

The beach remained open after the incident and the teen was transported to Carteret General Hospital. "It just happened so quick and I was in such a shock, it just scared me", he said. Officials said the victim was swimming in the water when a small shark bit him on the hand, WCTI reported.

The first shark bite of the season in North Carolina happened at Atlantic Beach over the weekend.

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