Six Flags Entertainment seeks to open Saudi theme parks

Six Flags Entertainment seeks to open Saudi theme parks”

If Six Flags' 16 American theme parks seem a little too local, you could soon be riding one of its roller coasters in Saudi Arabia.

"Recently Executive Chairman Jim Reid-Anderson and CEO John Duffey were extremely honored to be invited to informally meet with His Royal Highness the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia regarding his vision for future developments in Saudi Arabia".

"The only Middle East market where an agreement now exists to open a Six Flags park is in Dubai and no agreement has been reached to open any parks elsewhere in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia".

"Six Flags has meetings with business and world leaders on an ongoing basis", Six Flags spokesperson Sandra Daniels said in an emailed statement.

Few of the details have been released, but Six Flags' CEO did say his company's expansion fits in with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 -- an economic blueprint for the kingdom to stop relying on oil and expand into other industries. "We are well aware that the cultural and entertainment opportunities now available do not reflect the rising aspirations of our citizens and residents", the 2030 plan said in April.

It is unclear whether the theme park company will tailor its rides, which include water slides, to the social codes of a country where public spaces are gender segregated and patrolled by state-sponsorsored Islamic morality enforcers.

Six Flags has already announced it's going to open a park in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia's neighbor, in 2019.



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