Sony to terminate Ustream support on PS4 in August

Ustream has been a part of the Playstation 4 experience ever since the console first released in 2013, first being announced in New York City at the Playstation 4 event.

PlayStation support for Ustream is coming to an end on August 1.

If you're into livestreaming, the option to choose between Twitch, YouTube and DailyMotion will remain on the PS4.

Sony stated the following on their official PlayStation website.

Streaming via Ustream and other services initially saw controversy, as PS4 owners would broadcast non-gameplay content, (typically of an adult nature), through the console's Playroom app.

Players can broadcast gameplay via YouTube, Twitch, and Dailymotion and enjoy viewing these broadcasts via Live from PlayStation. That said, those who prefer Ustream and have perhaps built up a viewership through the service will no doubt be disappointed.

Interestingly enough, it's not stated why Sony is opting to drop the streaming service support for Ustream.

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