Statement From Brock Turner's Mother's Released

Brock Turner, with what looks like a hash pipe, in a court-released phone photo.

In a June 2014 exchange, after he was asked "Did you rage last night?" "But when we finally did we could only drink for like an hour an a half".

And I hope the world will have fewer Brock Turners.

On the other hand, Persky recently imposed a tougher sentence on an African-American man who committed a property crime - breaking into an unoccupied home - than he gave Turner for a violent crime.

Brock Turner told Judge Aaron Persky that he was an unexperienced drinker and that "the party culture and risk taking behavior" during his four months at Stanford led him to make a bad decision.

The victim's younger sister wrote that she has become "permanently broken" since Turner assaulted her unidentified 23-year-old sibling. "That she was naked from the waist down", she says.

More the victims of rape or sexual assault forcing such issues out in the open, naming names and giving explicit details of the wrong done to them, more is the attempt to dismiss such atrocities as "untoward incidents" (vide Tarun Tejpal in his letter to his colleagues) or explain them away as the fell effects of the scourge of alcohol (as Brock Turner and his father have, to great success with the judge pronouncing a sentence of mere six months even though it could have been as many as 14 years) or more is the attempt to belittle the women and their morals.

Santa Clara County jail records list his release date as September 2, three months after his sentencing.

Judge Aaron Persky faces public anger and a recall threat as the result of a single decision he made in the course of 12 years on the bench - a predicament his critics insist is fair because of the lenient sentence he handed a white athlete at an elite university.

Protests are expected to continue Sunday at Stanford's commencement ceremony. His "behavior is not typical assaultive behavior that you find on campus, but it is more akin to a predator who is searching for prey", they wrote. Prosecutors say Turner replied: "I'm down for sure".

Persky, who can not comment on the case, said at the time of the sentencing that he took the recommendation of the probation report into consideration. I am truly sorry for the additional pain my statement has caused.

"I am 100 percent confident we will recall him", Dauber said.

Brock Turner's arrest mug shot.

The victim said at the sentencing that her words had been misinterpreted. But a probation officer assigned to the case recommended that Turner be given a "moderate" jail term followed by probation. Audience members will include victims of sexual assault, experts, lawmakers and the families of assault victims.

Victoria Henley, director and chief counsel of California's Commission on Judicial Performance, said that complaints to the commission are confidential, so she could not confirm or deny whether any have been made about Persky.

The father of Brock Turner, who was sentenced last week for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at Stanford University, reportedly says his son is being punished for "20 minutes of action". His future was deemed to be more worthy than her future.

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