Susan Sarandon: 'Inevitable' Hillary Clinton Will Be Indicted

Susan Sarandon: 'Inevitable' Hillary Clinton Will Be Indicted”

She's done disgusting things, awful things, and very callously.

She went on to add that it would be hard for to support Clinton if she defeats Sanders for the nomination.

Sarandon also appeared on MSNBC Thursday night deriding the lack of media coverage that is critical of Ms Clinton, calling the federal indictment of the former secretary of state "inevitable". This time, insisting that Clinton will soon be criminally indicted and that if she isn't she will surely prove more of a danger on foreign policy than Trump. "I think we'll be in Iran in two frightens me". She wants to know why the media has scrutinized everything about Donald Trump, from his offensive rhetoric to his many failed businesses, but they continue to turn a blind eye to the growing list of scandals that plague the Clintons.

Sarandon downplayed the idea that Donald Trump is "dangerous", saying, "I am not anxious about a wall being built".

"Well, we don't know that he's not going to get the numbers, either", Sarandon replied. "'He's so unsafe. He's so risky, '" Sarandon said, shrugging off Trump's most controversial rhetoric as too implausible to be considered a serious threat. Besides the trust issue of catching her in so many lies.

"Well, there has been no indictment", Jansing responded. "Seriously, I'm not anxious about a wall being built and Mexico paying for it". I do know where she's taking money from.

Her record - I mean, she did not learn a thing from Iraq.

"Seriously I am not anxious about a wall being built, he is not going to get rid of every Muslim in this country", Sarandon states.

Then again, Trump is so unpredictable that it's possible he'd fuck with other countries even more than the devil we know, and while he seems to be running to the left of Clinton in some areas (most notably Israel), who knows what he'd do once elected?

Despite her criticism of Clinton, in March, Sarandon rejected the idea that she would vote for Trump in a message on Twitter.

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