Texas Man Contracts Flesh Eating Bacteria in Port Aransas

Texas Man Contracts Flesh Eating Bacteria in Port Aransas”

A Hays County man is being treated for a bacterial infection contracted during a trip to Port Aransas over Father's Day weekend that can develop into necrotizing fasciitits, or flesh-eating.

After visiting Port Aransas, the 42-year-old woke up the following day, with a red rash, fever, and chills! Doctors say vibrio is a very aggressive bacteria and Adrian's condition got much worse over the next 24 hours.

La Shelle Ruiz, wife of Adrian tells us, "I've just never seen anything like it, it's just terrible".

"I'm fearful for him possibly losing his leg, I don't want to think that that is going to happen and I have told him that we are going to be positive", Lashelle said. It naturally lives in brackish or salt water and is more common during the summer months. It's transmitted through eating uncooked shellfish or while swimming in the ocean with an open cut or wound. Doctors say they found no cuts on Adrian and that his recovery is beginning to look positive. "He is looking good", Dr. Fausto Meza said. Adrian's wife says they were fishing in Rockport, but never got in the water.

So far 27 cases of the disease have been reported in Texas.

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