'The Bachelorette' 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Panics In Final Rose Ceremony

Jordan and JoJo venture towards the Isla de Lobos, where they dive into the Uruguayan waters and swim amongst hundreds of delightful seals. Jordan got the first 1 on 1 date with JoJo. It was enough for her to pat him on the back for taking risks and that's when she gave him a rose. She loved that openness and lack of fear to appear vulnerable. Moreover, predictions say things will get dramatic!

Alex became the new Chad. He talks about his past and says he is a changed man. This answer satisfies JoJo, and the Tallest-Hair Man on Earth gets another rose.

Fortunately, JoJo was easily able to explain what happened - a case of a jealous ex, obviously - to her guys, and they believed her.

Just moments before the rose ceremony Derek asks Alex, Robby, Chase, and Jordan to join him outside. What did they do that was so wrong? Right before the cocktail/rose ceremony, he calls Alex, Jordan, Robbie and a few others outside to say he feels like they're being cliquish or something. When Alex returns to the house, they literally hoist him on their shoulders, and then...shove his face into a plate of cupcakes?And then there's his hair, which makes those with less volume and style pissed off.

After all the action, JoJo ended up sending home James F.

In the end, if it's hard to decide whether or not Johnson is a good guy or exactly the kind of person he appeared to be on the show, consider this Instagram video of the 28-year-old dancing on top of a building while making it rain dollar bills on himself before stripping off his shirt for no reason. After an afternoon of cliff diving together, they have a romantic dinner.



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