Ubisoft Announces "Starter Edition" Of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Announces

"The Renown currency is what you earn for just about everything you do in Rainbow Six Siege, namely completing Situations and Terrorist Hunt or competing in Online Multiplayer matches", per Ubisoft's Starter Edition FAQ.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Ever conscious that not every gamer on the planet has dollars aplenty to spend on the latest release, Ubisoft have chose to jump aboard the Starter Edition train by offering a slimmed down version of Rainbow Six Siege, albeit for a limited time. All the same maps, modes, weapons, DLC, servers and matchmaking options are in line with the game's Standard Edition.

A PC exclusive, the $15/£12/€15 version includes full access to the game with no level or content restrictions, but seriously slows down operator unlocks. Two operators are randomly unlocked from the following six characters: Smoke, Fuze, Rook, Sledge, Ash, and Mute. Those who own the full version can pick up new operators for as little as 500 Renown, with the most expensive going for 2,000 Renown. There is one other point to be aware of, however: Even though this seems like a pretty good idea to me, the Starter Edition will only be on sale from today until June 19.

The Starter Edition is also compatible with the season pass.

Should players purchase the Rainbow Six: Siege Starter Edition then decide they want the full roster of Operators, they can purchase access to all 16 characters by snagging a €35 / $35 R6 Credits Bundle.

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