Pokémon Go servers down for many

It's no surprise that Pokémon GO is having server trouble with all the demand its seeing in its top spot among the App Store's free games.

But what is Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO might just be the future of the Pokemon franchise, if not the mobile gaming world.

For Android users, as noted by Eurogamer, the game's APK file is available online from unofficial sources to allow players to download the game in the United States of America and the U.K. Directly clinking the link in the Google Play store at this time in the us and Europe will not allow players to download the game properly. Pokemon GO has been plagued with massive outages as the game's servers struggle with overwhelming traffic. This week, The Pokemon Company finally released its long awaited mobile game Pokemon GO, which brings the iconic Japanese game series into the real world with an app that is part geocaching, part augmented reality, and all Pokemon. Some players, according to Polygon, have been trying to log in on their Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, however, the players are not able to do so because of a mysterious error message that claims that "Pokemon Go" could not recognize them.

So those are the battery saving tips for Pokemon GO. The game was first announced in September, 2015, that it would be free to play with an option to purchase more options and content through the in-app purchases.

iOS device users will need 110 MB of space to get the app working.

iDigitalTimes also notes that if one should change their app store to another country to get an official version of the app, they will lose all of their progress in Pokemon GO once an official version does release. We know it's incredibly frustrating. However, it remains to be seen if Pokemon Go has the staying power of other popular mobile games.

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