8th Attendee of Trump Jr. Meeting Has Been ID'd

8th Attendee of Trump Jr. Meeting Has Been ID'd”

The Times reported in 2000 that Kaveladze was born in the Soviet Republic of Georgia in 1960 and graduated from the Moscow Finance Academy - a degree that Ike Kaveladze also reports on his LinkedIn and internet pages. But the truth is, at that time, in June 2016 when the meeting took place, Donald Trump Jr. was not under Secret Service protection, which means he did not have to clear any meetings through the Secret Service. Trump was very proud of his son's transparency and courage. The president's eldest son posted the emails to Twitter in an effort to be "totally transparent", he wrote. Schiff is the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. But let's face it, the most we can do is get angry, post scathing stories on Facebook and point fingers at the voters who put Trump in the White House. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once the special counsel is done connecting the dots, well see a straight line to Russia. Xi Jinping gives him an education about North Korea, Emmanuel Macron takes him to a military parade, the Saudis give him a gold medal, and he walks away beaming, all thought of extracting concessions forgotten.

Protesters gather outside the White House.

The thing about a con man is that in order to be successful, he has to have some understanding of human nature-what motivates people, where their vulnerabilities are, and how they can be manipulated. "Again, this is before the Russia mania - this is before they were building this up in the press". "That's politics!" Trump tweeted. "They are more directly affiliated with the campaign, and one is serving in government".

Balber tells the Times Kaveladze "was asked to attend the meeting purely to. make sure it happened" but "literally had no idea what the meeting was about".

All his talk about "fake news" comes across as nothing but bluster over something he can't control. Not a good look for Donald Jr.

At first, the June 2016 meeting was said to be about a Russian adoption program. "When President Trump spoke to President Putin, the two leaders used the Russian translator, since the American translator did not speak Russian", the White House said. Tuesday afternoon, Trump Jr. released the email thread between him and some guy - named Rob Goldstone - a music publicist who knew some guy who knew Donald Trump vis-a-vis the Trump-owned Miss Universe contest. It was due to poor management of the FBI, which was suffering from low morale - uh, no. It was because of two factual errors Comey made in congressional testimony.

In an exclusive interview last week with NBC News, Veselnitskaya said she never had any "damaging or sensitive information about Hillary Clinton".

"That will be up to Bob Mueller to prove [Trump Jr.'s] affiliation with the campaign", he said.

No one, regardless of political party, should be comfortable with the idea that a campaign would even entertain the idea of accepting help from a foreign adversary attempting to influence American policy.

"Frankly, it's a little bit unbelievable that neither the son or the son-in-law ever shared that information with their dad, the candidate", Warner said.

In February 2014, a BBC analysis of a leaked phone call between a US assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the ambassador in Kiev clearly shows she was intervening heavily in the composition of the new government following the overthrow of the elected pro-Russian President. The US president was alone, and Mr Putin was attended only by his official interpreter, reports say.

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