Evacuations underway in Pasco after hole opens in ground, boat falls in

Evacuations underway in Pasco after hole opens in ground, boat falls in”

Emergency workers approached each home in the area to personally evacuate every structure.

No injuries have been reported.

Two dogs inside one of the destroyed homes were rescued. It's also looks like it's full of household chemicals and septic tank parts.

Looking closer, he saw that its front wall was missing, and that the front yard had sunken in.

Officials in Central Florida say a large sinkhole that swallowed two homes early Friday is still active and neighboring homes remain evacuated as a precaution. That home was resold in 2015 after the repairs were finished and labeled as a "repaired" home. He said he knows they are anxious. As of mid-afternoon, that had slowed to about 5 feet to 10 feet an hour and the sinkhole was about 225 feet to about 250 feet in diameter and was about 50 feet deep.

It had already sucked in the boat by the time firefighters arrived 15 minutes later. "They were unable to get any belongings". The aunt, Lynne Dudley, was in California attending a memorial for her husband, local singer-songwriter Timothy Dudley, who died in November. People who lived in some other houses removed some possessions and pets. Is there a safe area of Florida in which to live with no chance of sinkholes?

"For citizens, our hearts break for you", he said. "We lost all of our photos, some money".

'Mother Nature is going to take what Mother Nature is going to take'. How can we find out if our property might have a sinkhole?

For now, the hole is leaving residents of this Florida neighborhood on edge.

The movement has slowed down, Guthrie said. "It is continuing to move". These tests include ground penetrating radar surveys, electrical resistivity tests, and boring's. Duns said that limestone is statewide.

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