Facebook's Oculus has a second, cheaper VR headset planned for next year

Facebook's Oculus has a second, cheaper VR headset planned for next year”

"We don't have a product to unveil at this time, however we can confirm that we're making several significant technology investments in the standalone VR category", a Facebook spokesperson told Variety. One, the cheap third-party headsets which use the smartphones as VR players and the other type is the really high-end heavy duty gaming rigs, precisely what Facebook's $400 Oculus Rift is. Reportedly, the device is a compact version of Oculus Rift and lighter than that of Samsung's Gear VR headset. Or, it will just be another dream best left in the twilight zone? This is also the reason why the new wireless VR headset comes with the more affordable price tag.

The Oculus Rift continues to be our top choice for stationary or seated virtual reality experiences. The Pacific will be more like Samsung's Gear VR, sans the requirement of a smartphone to operate. Mark Zuckerberg had earlier described that there could be a "sweet spot" which could exist between the Oculus VR and the Gear VR headsets, possibly referring to the price point.

It's currently codenamed "Pacific" and has a similar design to the Rift. High-end VR devices are clunky and force you to be tethered to an expensive computer, while low-end smartphone-powered devices have poor-quality content. To that end, the new handset will not be ready by the holidays: It's expected to ship in 2018.

Facebook users are now able to share live video on Facebook from Facebook Spaces to give the people they care about a window into their VR world. A future version of the device will have that capability, one of Bloomberg's insiders says.

It won't offer positional tracking, though, a feature found on Google's standalone Daydream VR headsets and, according to reports, Samsung's upcoming Exynos III. However, Rubin notes the Oculus-approved PC price has dropped in the past year, especially after Oculus introduced a specification in the minimum side that you can avail one for $650.

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