Microsoft Launches Major Xbox One Update With Custom Gamerpics And Co-Streaming

Microsoft Launches Major Xbox One Update With Custom Gamerpics And Co-Streaming”

The main appeal seems to be custom Gamerpics which is a fancy word for allowing users to upload their own profile pictures.

Co-stream. Due to this new Xbox One update, up to three users can live stream together directly from their consoles and the stream comes out as a single broadcast. This should help make the sign-in process a bit more simple especially for those that have multiple Xbox profiles on their console. Games come a little later to the party and the trend may take longer to manifest due to console gamers' relative complacency to pay high prices for games titles, but there is no doubt in my mind that this trend will only increase in the future. However, when asked about the possibility of delay, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer was quick to respond.

The update also adds the ability to share Looking For Group requests on the Xbox iOS and Android app. The Xbox app on Android is also getting Chat Bubbles. The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature is based on "software emulation" making these titles less candidate to stay in the feature. First and foremost, players can now upload a profile picture to express themselves in the world of Microsoft's flagship console. Will this really have a significant impact for the Xbox One X?

Mixer tab for Club homepages.

When you visit the Microsoft Store, you are still met with a message that pre-orders would be available once the Xbox One X received FCC approval. More importantly, it will all come down to how much difference the CONSUMERS (not the manufacturers) feel there really is to the quality of their gaming experience (a combination of appealing visuals, speed, entertainment capabilities besides gaming etc.).

It could prove a massive sales blow if the Xbox One X was delayed, not being able to capitalise on the holiday season would likely make for a harder launch. Otherwise, players will need to purchase and manually download the game.

What do you think about this latest Xbox One system update? In the Settings section, choose the "Language" tab at the top. Users can invite friends to co-stream and/or join others in co-streaming sessions, all from within the Xbox One system. What are you expecting from the next Xbox update? You will be automatically signed in when you used that specific controller.

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