Microsoft Ships Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 to Fast Ring

Microsoft Ships Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 to Fast Ring”

Microsoft has ended support for its Windows 8 smartphones, as the US tech giant focuses on other segments, amid ongoing speculation about its strategy for mobile.

Virtualized Persistent Memory (vPMEM) is enabled by creating a VHD file (.vhdpmem) on a direct access volume on a host, adding a vPMEM Controller to a VM, and adding the created device (.vhdpmem) to a VM.

Acrylic Material improvements. Insiders complained that the Acrylic Material translucency effects were too "noisy", so Microsoft toned that down in this build.

Just like it happened with SUSE, this is only available for the Windows Insiders only, for now.

Chrome and Firefox processes are scattered all over the place for instance, and the only option you have to get some order into the chaos is to sort by name, as you get them listed next to each other in that case. The mobile operating system rolled out three years ago and was succeeded by Windows 10 Mobile.

This update, which should come out around the September time frame, will be the fourth major feature update for Windows 10 since its initial release in June of 2015.

A minute of silence as Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Phone, for those of you who have been paying attention, the inevitable has happened.

Microsoft has announced this week that Windows phones with Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Phone 8.1 are no longer officially supported.

The Windows CE 3.0 kernel was used in the first version of Windows Mobile, originally named Pocket PC 2000, appearing in more advanced PDA devices and smartphones.

Also, you will likely need a new Server key after you install the build. Microsoft is providing two tokens that are good for unlimited activation. The Gallery is live as well as a slideshow of your favorite photos. Fortunately, I can still sideload old apps into it, but it's useless now for Facebook Messenger.

For the first time, Android recently bested Windows as the world's most popular operating system. Not that you'd probably noticed, given how few people actually own or use Microsoft's phones. Same goes for Cloud Clipboard and any other features that are not going to be ready in time for the Fall Creators Update. The Nano Server image includes a preview image of Nano Server with.NET Core 2.0 and a preview image based on PowerShell 6.0.

All have benefits and drawbacks. The font is at the center of an ongoing investigation in the tracing of PM Nawaz Shariff and his daughter Maryam's overseas properties and accounts, which is rooted in the historic Panama Papers leak. Speaking in 2015, Ballmer said saving Apple was probably "the craziest thing Microsoft ever did".

Why this is important: Build 16241 marks the final lap in the race to the Fall Creators Update. More updates coming to this front soon.

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