North Korea says to take 'corresponding measures' if UN adopts sanctions

North Korea says to take 'corresponding measures' if UN adopts sanctions”

Funding and labor for the base, which will eventually replace Yongsan as the main US military base in South Korea, has been mostly provided by Seoul.

North Korea has warned that US troops stationed at a new base in South Korea are still within striking range, adding that American forces will face a "miserable end" if they continue their "reckless military confrontation".

The offer of talks, the first since South Korea elected dovish President Moon Jae-In, came as the Red Cross in Seoul proposed a separate meeting to discuss reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War.

"The larger the US military base is, the more effectively our military hits targets", a North Korean military spokesman said, Yonhap news agency reported, citing the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

North Korea said the South abducted the 12 waitresses and the restaurant manager and demanded their return, but the South said the group decided to defect of its own free will.

South Korea on Monday offered to hold rare military talks with the North, aiming to ease tensions after Pyongyang tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. Democratic Senator Robert Menendez said the bill is a bipartisan effort that represents additional measures required to get the North Korea policy right.

The previous South Korean conservative government ratified the THAAD deal, while facing protests from people who were scared of becoming a target instead of being protected, as well as from environmentalists claiming the systems might harm natural habitats.

The North has conducted two nuclear tests since the beginning of last year and missile-related activities at an unprecedented pace. The draft plan is based on "double freezing", when Pyongyang halts its missile and nuclear programs, while South Korea and the US cancel joint large-scale military exercises.

The legislation gives those that currently conduct trade with North Korea a clear choice - either do business with this heinous outlaw regime or do business with the world's leading economic and military power, he said.

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