US to Impose New Sanctions on Chinese Banks Over North Korea Ties

US to Impose New Sanctions on Chinese Banks Over North Korea Ties”

China's ambassador to the UN, Liu Jieyi, pushed for an end to combined U.S. -South Korea military exercises in the region in exchange for North Korea suspending its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

From the time she first landed in the South and underwent resettlement education at the Hanawon facility, she thought, "South Korea is an IT powerhouse, so no matter what I do, I'll need to be able to use the internet".

"Trade between China and North Korea grew almost 40 percent in the first quarter", Trump tweeted on July 5.

The timing and scope of the sanctions would depend on how China responds to calls for tougher steps against North Korea.

Chinese officials insist that trading relations are on a downward trend.

Chinese imports of North Korean coal in the first half fell 75 percent to 2.7 million tons from a year earlier following the suspension in February, according to Huang Songping, a Customs agency spokesman.

China has repeatedly said it is fully enforcing United Nations sanctions on nuclear-armed North Korea and there is nothing wrong with what it terms "normal" trade with Pyongyang, referring to areas not covered by sanctions.

It seems to me that the Chinese alone are capable of developing such a program and we should at least consider this possibility, ahead of any other. China has again also called for direct negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea. We do have some bargaining chips with Beijing in this regard including a warning that we may otherwise extend diplomatic recognition to Taiwan and provide them with significantly more military aid. Trump also signaled during the campaign that natural barriers made it unnecessary for the border wall to cover the full length of the US-Mexico border. The reason is Thucydides's Trap: a deadly pattern of structural stress that occurs when a rising power challenges a ruling one. That said, it's difficult to shake the feeling there was something lacking in that South Korea-US summit preparation process.

The fact that war was averted in four of the 16 cases means the outcome is not pre-ordained.

Worse, imagine U.S. intelligence being subjected to approval by an entity so politically attuned - to put it delicately - as the South's National Intelligence Service, should it decide that it would be the distributor of such information.

North Korea has little the world wants.

Adding to the potential for further U.S. -China trade friction, China had a $25.4-billion trade surplus with the United States in June, up from $22.0 billion in May, customs data showed. But in many ways they are mirror images. But the channels need to be diversified, and the "contact surface" needs to be increased to encompass all the hard-liners and pragmatists in the US.

The question to be asked is whether an OPCON transfer agreement has been worked out that (a) maintains the impartiality and integrity of U.S. intelligence efforts, and (b) keeps American control over U.S. weapons of mass destruction, all while (c) meeting the sovereign needs of a maturing South Korea.

"Rather than giving defectors money, it's better to use that money to help find a job for them", Ms. Kang explained.

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