Vettel says Shield made him "dizzy" in test run

Vettel says Shield made him

"I tried it this morning and I got a bit dizzy", Vettel told the press.

Romain Grosjean believes additional cockpit protection is not needed in Formula 1, and he feels the Shield device trialled for the first time at Silverstone on Friday is just as bad as the Halo system that was tested last season. After the halo system had faced criticism, FIA proposed the 'Shield' to protect the drivers from flying debris.

"I think it's because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion, plus you get quite a bit of downwash down the straight pushing the helmet forward". The shield is said to be more visually appealing compared to the halo system.

"For sure it doesn't help".

Vettel will test the shield for several laps in the first part of the practice session.

Vettel admitted to minor visibility concerns when trialling the Halo at the British GP last year, yet he was also a vocal proponent of the cockpit protection device. This engine has quite a lot of miles to do over its life so you try to save it, but it's working and we didn't have any problems. Obviously it's always a bit in a plan, it's on target. The test was not very conclusive today.

Ricciardo produced a spectacular moment when he lost control of his spinning car at Club corner, but managed to catch it before hitting the wall.

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