Watch Jennifer Lopez's video for Ni Tú Ni Yo

Watch Jennifer Lopez's video for Ni Tú Ni Yo”

After Lopez discusses possible ideas for the video's visuals around a dining room table alongside Anthony and the director, the clip turns into an actual shoot with behind-the-scenes footage of the singer, Cuba's Gente de Zona and the director filming a tropical, sweltering scene.

Verizon Sprint shows up for some campy product placement.

It's been a week since Jennifer Lopez dropped her scintillating new song "Ni Tu Ni Yo" and now there is an equally vibrant video to go with it.

Jennifer Lopez has new music and this time, it's ahead of her second solo Spanish album. The newest album will be her first since 2014's A.K.A.

The actress also tweeted a photo of herself in the controversial dress on Monday to hype today's video release. The former spouses are still close friends and still work together professionally while also co-parenting their nine-year-old twins, Maximilian and Emme. But it's been Lopez's tried-and-true look for over two decades.

"I have something a little bit different in mind", says Fernández, who plays a photographer in the video.

Recent songs haven't quite had the same reception, however: her last English single was last year's Ain't Your Mama, which charted at No76 in the US and No182 in the UK.

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