Key moments from Trump's comments to reporters

Key moments from Trump's comments to reporters”

Last night, North Korea's military called President Trump's fire-and-fury threat a, quote, "load of nonsense". And here's what he said.

SEBASTIAN GORKA: He's saying don't test America.

US President Donald Trump usually keeps reporters at a distance. We are not just a superpower. We are now a hyperpower.

So it's - North Koreans, they do speak a different language than what we're - and Kim Jong Un does speak a different language than what we're used to here in the United States. AlterNet contacted Lieu to discuss the legislation he's introduced that would require congressional authorization for such nuclear strikes as well as his thoughts on President Trump's treatment of North Korea. It has 18-hole courses, wooden bridges and silky-looking sandpits (one had a rake lying next to it).

The president's vocal displeasure with the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not result in Mueller's firing, he said. "I'll be the first to admit it".

CHANG: All right, well, joining us this morning, we have the top Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, thank you for being with us.

BEN CARDIN: Ailsa, it's good to be with you. He had more threats for the leader of North Korea, and he declared the country's opioid crisis a national emergency.

CARDIN: Well, I think the global community looks to the United States for leadership - that we have a game plan in order to prevent a conflict with North Korea that could involve nuclear weapons. Would Congress start the impeachment process if Trump pursues a military option in North Korea?

KK: Describe what you think the solution is to the North Korea issue.

So if we, for example, launch cruise missiles on North Korea, they can decide to rain fire down on South Korea and kill hundreds of thousands of people. To do that, we need to get the cooperation of China.

Kim Duffy, a petrol pump attendant who works near the club, said: "He needs to be strong".

Ken Klippenstein: What was your personal reaction when you first heard Trump's threat to bring "fire and fury like the world has never seen" to North Korea? I think it just makes them more dangerous. One golfer, a woman in a dark-pink miniskirt, said she's seen the president and his entourage pass by when she was sitting on a patio, adding: "It was surreal". This White House just seems to be making clear it can't be pushed around. Is there anything to be said for that tactic?

CARDIN: Well, clearly, there has been some progress made with the U.N. vote on additional sanctions. That's another problem with the administration: you don't really know what their strategy is.

He acquired the property, a piece of New Jersey land with rolling hills and trees, about 45 miles (72km) from Manhattan, in 2002 and at one point said he would like to be buried there.

Lastly, we believe that North Korea's calculations is basically to preserve a regime. China want - does not want a unified Korea peninsula. Congressman Lieu has been an outspoken critic of the war on Yemen and, more recently, of President's authority to unilaterally authorize a nuclear first-strike. Let's find a way to move diplomacy. Thank you very much for joining us.

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