UN Security Council expected to vote Saturday on new North Korea sanctions

UN Security Council expected to vote Saturday on new North Korea sanctions”

The Security Council was scheduled to vote at 3 p.m. (1900 GMT) Saturday on the new raft of sanctions, diplomats confirmed.

The United States is going to propose a new resolution of sanctions against the DPRK at the United Nations Security Council on Saturday, according to media reports.

Warmbier was in a coma when he was released by the North on humanitarian grounds and circumstances of his death remain unclear.

"Sanctions... will not solve the problem but political dialogue will, which encourages all the participants primarily North Korea and the engage...", Vassily Nebenzia said in comments to press in New York.

North Korea is blamed for a "massive diversion of its scarce resources" toward the development of "nuclear weapons and a number of expensive ballistic missile programs", the draft resolution said.

Through the planned ban, the North is expected to lose $400 million in its annual export revenue, the Voice of America (VOA) quoted a U.N. diplomat as saying.

Two resolutions adopted last year however have introduced economic sanctions with more bite.

U.S. debates ranged from a suggestion of bargaining between the U.S. and China to military options on North Korea, both hardly involving South Korea's role. There are also measures to freeze foreign currency assets and restrict Pyongyang's imports of commercial products, which could be used for military purposes.

Under the proposed measure, North Korean vessels caught violating UN resolutions would be banned from entering ports in all countries.

"The suggestion of some extreme opinions itself reflects the serious concerns the international community, including the U.S., has of the seriousness of North Korean threats and provocations", the ministry said.

Nebenzia on Tuesday said that the North Korean situation was "indeed" a very urgent one, reiterating the Russian government's view that Pyongyang had not yet tested an ICBM.

China and Russia have meanwhile insisted that sanctions alone will not change Pyongyang's behavior and that talks are needed to address the crisis.

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