US Sanctions Venezuelans It Said Helped Form Assembly

US Sanctions Venezuelans It Said Helped Form Assembly”

The Trump administration placed all those elected to the Constituent Assembly as potential sanctions targets in the future. They have to decide this week whether to register candidates for the regional elections.

But it's doubtful these sanctions will be enough to pressure Maduro and his allies to back off their power grab.

The opposition, which controls the legislature, has been sidelined.

The supreme court ordered the jailing of an opposition mayor who allowed anti-government protests in his Caracas district, and was mulling similar cases against others.

There was no immediate reaction from Venezuela's leftist government to the scathing criticism from the U.N., which said preliminary findings from an investigation conducted in June and July "paint a picture of widespread and systematic use of excessive force and arbitrary detentions against demonstrators in Venezuela".

Peru has been one of the most outspoken critics of Maduro under centrist Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki, a former Wall Street banker whom Maduro has described as a lackey of the United States. Lecheria's Mayor Gustavo Marcano was sentenced to 15 months in prison at the end of July, and two days later Iribarren Mayor Alfredo Ramos was also sentenced to 15 months.

Nevertheless, Maduro still has varying degrees of support around the world, from both an ideological and financial standpoint.

The country's economy is in free fall.

"Maduro is the one guaranteeing its investments".

Meanwhile in Venezuela its National guard escorted members of the controversial Constituent Assembly into the Legislative Palace in Caracas.

On Sunday it announced - then suspended - the creation of a "truth commission" sought by Maduro to probe alleged crimes by the opposition.

Maduro says the 545-member assembly will bring peace and prosperity to Venezuela.

Delcy Rodriguez, the head of the ruling socialist party and leader of the body, said the unanimously approved decree prohibits lawmakers in congress from taking any action that would interfere with laws passed by the newly installed constitutional assembly.

All we know is that a great deal of money will be needed to get the job done.

Dujarric said "at this critical time" the secretary-general is urging negotiations "for the benefit of the Venezuelan people".

It is popularly believed that nuclear proliferation increases both the risk of conflict and the potential damage of those conflicts.

Department spokeswoman Heather Nauer issued a series of tweets on Venezuela Tuesday.

They also condemned the violence and human rights violations being committed in that country, Efe news reported. Absent from the list was the United States.

The latest naked act of defiance comes on the heels of the April naked protest by Hans Wuerich Larios, 27, who had clambered onto the hood of an armored vehicle of the National Bolivarian Police force.

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