WWE Comments on Rumored Brock Lesnar Vs. Jon Jones Fight

WWE Comments on Rumored Brock Lesnar Vs. Jon Jones Fight”

"My apologies to (Cormier) and to all of you upset by my interviewing him after the fight".

He pulled his hand away and attempted to leave the Octagon when McCarthy announced the result of the light-heavyweight title fight.

Westgate sportsbook manager Jeff Sherman told ESPN that there was strong initial support for Jones, pushing him up to -450.

Hyped as the biggest grudge match in the UFC, Jones and Cormier's heated rivalry dates back to 2014 when they came to blows at a promotional event. "Bones" then finished the job by firing shots at the ground, and the referee stepped in to end hostilities. Rogan apologized to Cormier and said the controversial interview was entirely his fault.

The 30-year-old regained his light heavyweight title in the early hours of Sunday morning through ways of a spectacular knockout and wasted no time calling out the next person he wants to fight.

"Brock Lesnar, if you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by someone who weighs 40 pounds less than you?"

After the undercard, the Cormier-Jones rematch will start somewhere between 10 and 11 p.m. ET. Apparently, however, his team sees a pretty clear path to victory over the hulking superstar.

When standing up, how is Lesnar going to defend against Jones' strikes?

But Cormier was caught off guard in the third round after dipping to his right, with Jones catching him clean with a vicious left high kick. The odds as of Monday morning were Jones -360, Lesnar +280. The first scheduled fight was canceled due to an injury to Cormier, while the second failed to take place due to Jones testing positive for banned substances three days earlier. If he was offered a bout with the renowned fighter? Jones is a long fighter that uses his kicks, punches and elbows to keep his opponent at a safe distance. put up an article hyping up this big fight inside the octagon too. But that's not the only reason he has dominated the light heavyweight division for nearly a decade now. "'You'll have to dig deep, but you can do this'".

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