Google Play Protect has over 1 Billion users

Google Play Protect has over 1 Billion users”

You will be able to check various replays from NFL games via this tool, while you can also check replays from any game with an NFL Game Pass which is subscription-based.

The Google app is available for Android, obviously, as well as being baked into the Pixel Launcher. Google Now fetches the relevant information - for example weather near your office or the actual timing of your next flight - along with news stories that may interest you.

One of the things about using apps like Google Maps is that they are full screen apps, meaning that if you were to minimize it or exit it, you would lose visual navigation, although if you enabled audio cues then you might still get audio alerts.

Right now they only have access to free apps, and only the apps that are free to launch in that country. "It will be initially available in English and Hindi in India", Shashi Thakur, Vice President (Engineering), Search, Google, told reporters at Google India office here via video conferencing from Mountain View, California. To make that happen, the company has redesigned the home page and replaced the Google Now Cards with a more dynamic Personalised Feeds, also known as Google Feeds.

Search engine giant, Google rolled out the new update in India that takes personalization to the next level.

What does the Google Play Services app do? I'd strongly recommend keeping your device as up to date as possible when the Android 8.0 Oreo update rolls out properly and procure your apps from the official store.

If you are eager to know whether this feature is available for your Android smartphone, you just need to go to your Phone's settings option. At the moment, you might see two tabs already. Once you opt to follow a topic, you will get relevant information about the topic in the Google Feed. If not, do follow above path on your Android device and make this feature enabled.

More importantly, however, is the warnings from security firm Palo Alto Networks that details older versions of Android being vulnerable to an overlay attack inflicted by malware.

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