Galaxy Note 9 Will Boast Feature We Wish iPhone X Had

Galaxy Note 9 Will Boast Feature We Wish iPhone X Had”

Next year's Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now predicted to sport a feature that was mentioned a lot in early rumors regarding both its predecessor, the Note8, as well as Apple's iPhone X. "With the cinematic screen and Samsung's cutting edge Quad HD Super AMOLED display, movies look crisp and clear, photos are brilliant and games are truly immersive", Lee explained.

Samsung and other cell phone manufacturers always stress on using genuine spares for their products. The incident happened in Indonesia and the phone which burst into flames is Samsung Grand Duos - a dual sim smartphone launched back in 2013. The technology basically relies on OLED panel in order to secure the sensor while just not only by allocating its usage but also supporting it with a light source at the same time. Samsung said to the CNN "We sincerely want quick recovery of our customer and the person, but we will also authentically advocate or recommended that people or customer should not use the third party battery for their Samsung gadget". Improved notification and settings features, improved usability of the multi-window.

The CCTV footage shared by Channel News Asia recorded the entire incident on tape.

There is no information available on whether the under-display fingerprint scanner will be arriving on the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Samsung Group-owned Samsung LSI supposedly already shipped some sample components for an in-screen fingerprint sensor to Samsung Electronics, as did Korean firm BeyondEyes, Kuo's recent note claims.

A video is circulating on the internet in which a man is seen falling on the ground as a result of combustion as soon as he reaches out to his phone. Someone comes to rescue immediately, and he removes his shirt avoiding any major injuries.

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