Microsoft ends support for Windows 10 November Update and Office 2007

Microsoft ends support for Windows 10 November Update and Office 2007”

This one, WorkingHardinIT.Work, steps through using DISM (the Deployment Image Servicing and Management command-line tool) to remove the updates. A person with less system privileges would be less impacted, but if a user with full admin rights opened the file, it would open the door for an attacker to wreak havoc on a system or network.

So there you have it. Microsoft's online stores will now have identical names to their physical counterparts, which means it is very likely we'll see more non-Windows 10 content there.

Two factor Authentication: We are excited to announce that we've introduced a two factor authentication unlock mechanism for Windows 10 Mobile. Extended Support consists solely of security updates.

In other Windows news, Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore revealed in a series of tweets yesterday that the company is effectively ending its efforts to develop the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

HP was the first to support Microsoft's Windows CE 2.0 platform in the mid-1990s and has continued to support Microsoft's mobile operating systems since then, offering devices based on Windows for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and others.

This morning, we had a really fun 300-level session where all of us got on stage and had a chance to engage in conversation with you. If they're running version 1511 or earlier, they should manually update their devices to the current version, which is the Windows 10 Creators Update rolled out earlier this year. You can see Microsoft realized after the November Update that naming the releases after months doesn't make much sense.

According to Microsoft, the Windows zero day could allow remote code execution by an attacker and affects programs in Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Running an Old Version of Windows 10? "But building new features/hw aren't the focus". Alternatively, you can just wait until next week and get the Fall Creators Update.

Lots of reliability improvements for VPN connectivity in Windows 10 Mobile. "Windows 10 was designed as a service, whereby feature updates are required a couple times a year". With Windows Mixed Reality, developers can create immersive experiences that are reusable across platforms and device form factors.

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Build 15254.1 for Mobile devices to Windows Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings.

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