Model: former Dolphins O-line coach 'used my body as cocaine platter'

Model: former Dolphins O-line coach 'used my body as cocaine platter'”

She also says the coach is a habitual drug user who kept cocaine in his desk at work. "A great man. And we appreciate everything he's done for us".

In tough times, Gase said he is leaning on lessons he learned from his father, Art, and Alabama coach Nick Saban, who gave Gase his first coaching job as an assistant at LSU in 2000.

Nige said that during their association, she and Foerster got together multiple times. "That's one thing I really appreciated about him".

Foerster resigned in the wake of a video leak which showed he was snorting a white powdered substance. Back in 2014, former offensive line coach Jim Turner lost his job with the team in the wake of an investigation into bullying in the locker room.

"This is a regular habit of his, anywhere they go", she said. "That's why we all have his back in here and we want him to get better, that's the only thing that means something to us right now". Chris Foerster used me as his cocaine platter, I was dating him.

"How do we have someone that is getting paid millions to be a leader for a team, you know what I'm saying, doing blow when we can't have ... people kneeling for the anthem?"

Nige revealed that the video was about a week old and that she has other incriminating clips of Foerster. "If you was a minority, they would fire him". Gase explained it was a tough situation because he had grown close to Foerster.

After serving as an assistant on several college and National Football League teams, DeGugliemo took over as the Patriots' offensive line coach after longtime assistant Dante Scarnecchia's retirement following the 2013 season.

Gase's response: "To me, it was an isolated incident. A lot of people are just a little surprised".

There's no evidence any issues involving Foerster involved others in the organization, Gase said.

"But the timeline seems to contradict the story she told KTNV about how they met when the Dolphins flew to California ahead of Hurricane Irma in preparation for their game against the Los Angeles Chargers".

"Some of it is just watching [Nick] Saban over a seven-year period", Gase said. I think he likes seeing the fact that guys aren't satisfied with just winning a game.

Nige also said she isn't enjoying the "fame" that's come her way, telling ESPN that she and her friends are receiving death threats in the wake of posting the video.

"We'll make a handsome baby, wouldn't we?" she added.

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