Project Wing is delivering burritos via drone near Canberra

Project Wing is delivering burritos via drone near Canberra”

The hybrid drones will be used to deliver food products and medicines on the border of the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales in rural Australia.

Project Wing and Guzman y Gomez have released a promotional video for the proposed drone delivery tests. Our testers, including young families, busy professionals and retirees, had many suggestions for how our technology could alleviate the inconvenience of having to drive 40-minutes round trip in the car for almost anything, whether it's a carton of milk, veggies for dinner, or a cup of coffee.

"This is more complicated than it looks", Burgess said. Companies ranging from startup Flirtey retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. are also experimenting with the technology. Apparently, someone at the company has a thing for the densely packed food item with an undeniably high deliciousness-to-weight ratio. Project Wing will then dispatch drones to the retailer's location and, once loaded with the goods, deliver the orders to the testers' residences.

"Our testers - alpaca farmers, math professors, equestrians, and artists (not to mention a few curious kangaroos) - have been helping us fine-tune how our drones move goods from where they're located to where they're needed", project co-lead James Ryan Burgess writes on their blog.

There's various facets involved in the testing and Chemist Warehouse and Guzman y Gomez were chosen to test out specific aspects of drone delivery.

We're still years away from the vision being chased by both Project Wing and Amazon's Prime Air.

For one thing, drones need to cope with dynamic environments, avoiding not just trees and fences but vehicles and other drones.

Project Wing is the drone delivery unit working out of X, Google parent Alphabet's so-called "moonshot factory" that explores emerging technologies.

Last year, Domino's announced it would start using the devices to drop pizza off to customers in New Zealand.

Chemist Warehouse will use the drones to deliver mopre than 100 products across categories such as vitamins, dental care, sun care, and over-the-counter medicines.

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