Trump's Remarks Were 'Insulting,' 'Minimized Our Suffering — San Juan Mayor

Trump's Remarks Were 'Insulting,' 'Minimized Our Suffering — San Juan Mayor”

Cruz argued that federal aid had been slow to reach Puerto Rico following Maria, which knocked out power to the entire island. The shirt, as you can see in the video below, simply read, "NASTY", in response to Trump's tweet which called her just that.

"It took him how long to get to Puerto Rico?" said Bree Harris, a 25-year-old chef and Democrat from Los Angeles.

On Twitter, images of the president tossing paper towels to Hurricane Maria survivors like they were prizes circulated quickly, with some comparing it to Trump practicing shooting a basketball. Saying, "He's sort of like miscommunicator-in-chief". "Since the beginning, he's been mentioning the debt.I don't think it's the time to do that, I think it's the time to help us rebuild the country".

A week later, Trump publicly tuned in to Maria's aftermath.

"This was a PR, 17-minute meeting".

"He was insulting to the people of Puerto Rico", she said of Trump's comments that Puerto Rico threw the U.S. budget "out of whack".

The former Celebrity Apprentice host and the mayor have been feuding since last week when she criticized the Trump administration's response to Hurricane Maria's devastation in Puerto Rico.

"We're going to work something out", he said. "We have to look at their whole debt structure".

Who does that? What planet is this man from? It's allowed the mayor to use FEMA donations to help municipalities that haven't received as much help. Sixty-five percent of grocery stores are currently in operation and less than one-fifth of Puerto Rico's cellular towers are working.

In an escalating war of words, the mayor of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan, slammed the president for tossing rolls of paper towels, calling his act "terrible and abominable". Less than half of its residents have phone service. They shook hands at the airport during Trump's brief visit to the island on Tuesday, but he did not call on Cruz for remarks as he met with other federal and local officials. My only motive is a human motive.

Cuomo also said that at the request of Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, he is sending a team of more than 100 medical personnel to Puerto Rico. "But it's been incredible... the results that we've had, with respect to loss of life".

The official death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has increased to 34 from 16, the U.S. territory's governor said Tuesday.

Nearly all of Puerto Rico remains without electricity, drinking water is scarce, and there is a growing fear of epidemics as days go by.

The death toll will likely rise, and Trump will bear the blame.

The island is still grappling with the damage caused by the storm.

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