Android 8.1 will reduce the size of inactive apps to save size

Android 8.1 will reduce the size of inactive apps to save size”

Are you an Android device user who is exhausted of clearing the storage space on your smartphone in order to install app updates, new apps and receive OTA updates?

Some developers that are using a special API meant to be used to create apps for users with disabilities to make apps that have other purposes, have been contacted by Google and asked to make some changes to their apps. I imagine that veteran Tasker users who need the app for things like setting your phone to silent by placing it face down and automatically enabling Wi-Fi at home will also feel left out in the cold.

The move comes as Google aims to crack down on malicious apps.

As reported by the Android Police, Google will be cracking down on Accessibility Services for security reasons too. They could then have access to your passwords and other important data. When these permissions are granted, a full-screen Toast notification is used to cloak the actual screen contents. In case developers can not establish how they essentially utilize accessibility services for the primarily intended rationale, i.e., to support the special requirements users and lend a hand to have an enhanced experience with the apps, they will be guided to eliminate these functions or risk being abandoned from the Play Store completely.

Google now appears to be looking to put a stop to applications which don't use the accessibility services feature for the original nature in which it was intended.

In an email (embedded below) sent out last week and shared on Reddit, Google told developers that it plans to remove all apps that utilize the Accessibility service from the official Play Store unless the Accessibility service is actually being used to power a feature for users with disabilities. Apps that fail to meet this requirement within 30 days may be removed from Google Play.

The company has given developers 30 days to comply with the new requirements. Google states that developers can alternatively remove the request for accessibility services within the app, or can choose to unpublish their app. Some Android skins, like the one on the Galaxy S8, and some apps, like Greenify, already make it possible to detect which applications are draining your phone's battery. Apps installed through third-party stores are not affected.

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