Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates birth of fourth child

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates birth of fourth child”

Ronaldo and Rodriguez are together since November of the year past.

Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of FC Real Madrid's (Spain) Portuguese star forward Cristiano Ronaldo, has given birth to a girl on Monday.

Ronaldo's oldest son, seven-year-old Cristiano Jr, also features in the picture with matching hospital scrubs and hair nets following the birth at a hospital in Madrid.

Ronaldo has three older children - Cristiano Junior and twins Eva Maria and Mateo - all born with surrogate mothers.

Ronaldo made his relationship with Rodriguez public previous year, and she announced her pregnancy weeks after the twins were born. We are all very happy!' the soccer superstar wrote in Portuguese.

The footballer has not publicly revealed the mother (s) of his older children.

We don't doubt that Ronaldo will do well raising the new additions to the family and that he is going to be a great father of four. I don't have regrets because being with him felt like a dream come true but I feel betrayed.

"Alana Martina has been born, both Geo (nickname for Georgina) and Alana are in good health!" Now I think he just used me for sex. They have christened their daughter as Alana Martina.

Reality star Natacha claims that she slept with Cristiano earlier this year.

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