Lebanese despair as Beirut 'declares war' on Riyadh

Lebanese despair as Beirut 'declares war' on Riyadh”

As the plot thickens in Riyadh, here's a roundup of the chatter on the streets.

It was through a deal between enemies he struck with Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Earlier in the day, Lebanese President Michel Aoun called for cooperation among all Lebanese forces following Hariri's resignation, in order to reinforce stability.

He added that Hariri resigned from Riyadh for security reasons.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Iran-backed Hezbollah, said there should be no political escalation in response to Hariri's declaration on Saturday, which was made from Saudi Arabia and came as surprise even to his aides. Its arms are a divisive issue and there have been fears that any attempt to disarm them without Hizballah's consent would trigger a new civil war in Lebanon.

It was not immediately clear who might succeed Hariri, Lebanon's most influential Sunni politician. "Putting together a coalition that served Hezbollah's interest in governance legitimized it".

Hizballah is both a military and a political organization that is represented in the Lebanese parliament and in the Hariri-led coalition government formed last year. "They hope a chaotic situation and difficulties assembling a government will limit Hezbollah's ability to maneuver and to achieve its objectives".

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"The capital cities of countries that continually shell us, targeting innocent civilians, will not be spared from our missiles", a spokesman for the group told Al Jazeera.

Its powerful military wing is widely seen as stronger than the Lebanese army, and has played a major role in the war in neighbouring Syria. But it is plausible that the Saudis are trying to create the context for a different means of contesting Iran in Lebanon: an "Israeli"-Hezbollah war". Yemen's fate is still being battled out. "Saudi Arabia is more concerned than Israel about Iran", he said.

Since taking office, Hariri had worked to garner international aid for Lebanon to cope with the strain of hosting some 1.5 million Syrian refugees, seeking billions of dollars to boost its sluggish economy.

All three of these developments will have seismic implications, not just on Saudi Arabia, but on the region and beyond. When Saudi Arabia sealed Qatar's only land border, it looked toward Iran and Turkey to fill the gap.

Hazran said: "I'm not sure this will effect Israel". Removing the head of the National Guard and a one-time contender to the throne is an obvious play to consolidate power by Bin Salman.

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