Microsoft Recommends Buying External Hard Drive for Xbox One X

Microsoft Recommends Buying External Hard Drive for Xbox One X”

Today marks the release of Xbox One X, and the cheeky folks at the Italian branch of Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to welcome the rival console in a rather funny way. "Work needs to be done on beefing up the lacklustre 4K media support, but as a top-tier games machine, Xbox One X is an excellent piece of kit".

Open Settings - Network - Network transfer and check the box.

It's so hard to describe graphics, either when you're talking to someone or writing about it, but the biggest "Wow Moment" for me is watching people who haven't experienced 4K actually booting up a game in 4K.

Hey man, the exact same thing just happened to me. Unless you do not care about games in the future, do not buy an Xbox One at this point. However, comparing its design to our stand from the Project Scorpio edition, the two products are seemingly identical.

To get the full benefit of those features fans will have to fork out £450 and invest in an Ultra HD television too. The Redmond giant invested months of research into this console, so it's very unlikely that this problem be caused by faulty hardware. Dozens more wage similar complaints, with a few alleging that Amazon waited until midday to explain that their shipment was delayed.

Xbox One X is available in 35 Xbox One markets and retails at US$499 with additional markets launching soon.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter likewise said that he increased his Xbox One X sales predictions from 1 million to 1.5 million for this year.

Xbox One X is built for true 4K gaming, with enough power to drive native 4K resolutions, High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut into a pristine visual package beyond what's capable in existing consoles. Because unfortunately now more than ever, with 4K, HDR, contrast ratios, black levels, and more - doing so does take a bit of time.

Reached for comment, Amazon told Kotaku that they have inventory to fulfill all Xbox One X pre-orders but did not specify whether they could fulfill them on the day of release, adding that "customer delivery date may vary based on their location and chosen shipping method".

"Should you get an Xbox One X?".

Now, let's assume you have a 4K television. The delays are between one and three days, and while this is far from extreme, it's annoying. You won't be able to go back and look at 1080 anymore; it's so clear and crisp and vibrant.

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