NK Officials: Nuclear Weapons Only Pointed at The United States

NK Officials: Nuclear Weapons Only Pointed at The United States”

But Beijing bristles at the notion that it should be doing more to rein in North Korea, which does about 90 percent of its trade with China, saying it is fully enforcing U.N. sanctions and that everyone has a responsibility to lower tension and get talks back on track.

He told ABC's This Week: "I think it's more probable than it used to be, and it scares me to death quite frankly".

"In addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, North Korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism, including assassinations on foreign soil".

"And, certainly if we have someone in North Korea that has a lethal legacy, is very, very unpredictable and sees this as a way to solidify his future, he could well not just obtain them, but potentially use them".

U.S. officials said they are taking North Korea's threats seriously.

Russia accused the US of trying to provoke Kim into nuclear war with its provocative military drills.

Wang said the proposition is "realistic and feasible".

"Each of you embodies the warrior creed".

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