PS5 And Next Xbox Are "Minimum Of Two Years" Away, Ubisoft Predicts

PS5 And Next Xbox Are

In fact, Microsoft will likely follow the year after that with its new Xbox. Both Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune can be downloaded together in the America's Greatest Game Shows bundle for $39.99. So, the developers might use this for their own advantage for now until its successor will take its place. This is not a new technique per se but it hasn't been used in many games aside from the ones that require the developer to reach their 60 fps target. However, that would pose a problem if Sony delays the release of the PlayStation 5.

We're now four years into the current console generation and, if Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot is to believed, it's going to another two years at least before we enter the next one. This includes the Nintendo Switch, which is one that might be around for some time, unless sales would drop down dramatically. So, even if Nintendo would follow suit, it might just not expect bigger sales results compared to these big competitors.

Of course, you can also purchase them separate as well, each for $19.99 on the Xbox Store.

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