Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling on Nov 16, Potential Freight Industry Disrupter?

Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling on Nov 16, Potential Freight Industry Disrupter?”

One image claimed to have caught the truck resting in an area where Tesla is known to test its vehicles while a video showed a mule pulling away effortlessly with a trailer behind it. That's about the extent of information we have on the truck from other sources outside Elon Musk.

Toni Sacconaghi Jr. and David Vernon, who maintain a $265 price target for shares of Tesla, note that the Silicon Valley-based company will face a significant uphill battle as it looks to enter the commercial trucking sector. Musk confirmed that the team is now focusing on much longer endurance that is a one-million-mile engine.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has added 'Chill Mode' to its Model S and Model X in its most recent software update for its cars. The Palo-Alto company sued the state, its SOS Ruth Johnson, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Gov. Rick Snyder in September 2016.

"On net, despite a potentially compelling value proposition, we do not see the Tesla Semi opportunity as a thesis changing initiative for the company, at least initially", said the Bernstein analysts, according to Benzinga.

Let's just hope he isn't referring to his abysmal oratorical skills reaching a new low when he says the event would "blow our minds away", but is talking about the truck instead. Darkened teaser pictures show the new articulated truck to be very curvaceous, but details are otherwise vague.

Bernstein's note that the Tesla Semi will have anywhere from 300 to 450 miles of driving range is a big step up from earlier reports citing a 200 to 300 miles of range.

But this constraint creates a bottleneck for the entire production line, which needs to restrict its output so it doesn't create excessive inventory since it can't complete the Model 3 vehicles without the battery modules.

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