Ford will now build electric cars in Mexico

Ford will now build electric cars in Mexico”

The report also states that part of the reason for Ford's decision is that electric vehicles currently have a comparatively low profit margin. That vehicle will now be made at an existing Mexico facility. In preparation for building its first autonomous vehicle, Ford reportedly plans to invest $200 million in the factory, as well as the $700 million it previously announced.

"During the 2015 negotiations with Ford, we secured significant product investment for our members at the Flat Rock assembly plant and other manufacturing facilities in the U.S.", said UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles.

Redirecting electric vehicle production to Mexico is about more than cutting costs, Ford President of Global Markets Jim Farley tells WSJ, as the move will make room for the Flat Rock factory to serve as Ford's "center of excellence" for autonomous vehicles.

The news was celebrated by the incoming Trump administration, which claimed that it had convinced U.S. automakers to bring jobs home.

In fact it now expects to have 850 jobs there, rather than 700.

"You're starting to see the foundation of Ford's bet on A-V's (autonomous-drive vehicles)". Uber paid him $100,000 through a "bug bounty" program to destroy the data, Reuters said. This is like plant musical chairs. "It's just a bit disconcerting from the outside looking in to see how many planned and unplanned announcements there are coming out of Ford this week". But it also entails the risk that the Trump administration could put steep taxes on new cars built in Mexico as it seeks to renegotiate the NAFTA trade deal.

Ford Motor Co will begin testing its latest self-driving vehicle technology next year in at least one city but has not changed its plan to begin commercial production until 2021, the company said.

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