Manchester United, Basel, Roma, Juventus into Champions League last 16

Manchester United, Basel, Roma, Juventus into Champions League last 16”

Former Liverpool midfielder Redknapp is impressed with how the 23-year-old has seized his chance to impressive Mourinho's team over the past week.

The Times said United's stance would be welcomed by the Premier League's existing rights-holders, including Sky Sports and BT Sport, who have reportedly privately expressed irritation at the access City are granting to a commercial rival. All it takes is one overstretched interception, wrong turn or misjudged tackle for everything to change. Less happily still, the main thrust of that 10-point plan is that "he who has the ball has fear". "After his superb solo goal to kill off Watford in midweek, he sank Arsenal with two clinical finishes", Redknapp told the Daily Mail.

Paul Pogba has expressed his chagrin at the prospect of missing Manchester United's pivotal clash with Manchester City this weekend through suspension.

Law, who scored 237 goals in 11 years at United, was draped in a United scarf by a fan soon after scoring and never played another competitive game for City.

Ronaldo used to be fun when he was at Manchester United, when he wasn't the face of every sellable item in the world, but had to scale his personality back in order to appeal to a massive audience.

Manchester rules the Premier league this season and maybe for the next several seasons.

While Benjamin Mendy waltzed into the first-team picture on account of little competition - prior to injury - Bernardo has found his route to the pitch blocked by the likes of Sane, Kevin de Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and namesake David Silva.

United were lacklustre going forward and failed to get a shot on target as City keeper Joe Hart enjoyed a comfortable evening in goal.

They will be joined in the knockout stages by Juventus, who won by the same score at Olympiacos with Juan Cuadrado and Federico Bernardeschi on the scoresheet. They need to win because they know that we are behind and we are closing and closing. "Hopefully we can do it".

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There was a video during the last international break of Pogba visiting France's facilities. It's so difficult to leave him out. Bernardo doesn't - he believes and is ready to play.

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